History and Past Projects
Educational Communications, Inc. (“EC”) was founded in December 1958 by Charles B. Carey, Altina B. Carey, Richard H. Millen, Hunnie Jacobs, and Hazel Hayes. Through over fifty years of changes and improvements, this organization has grown from engaging in three social justice and peace projects to producing Emmy-nominated, internationally acclaimed environmental productions. To date, EC has created over thirteen projects that have assisted our local and international communities with some of the world’s most dire issues.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Educational Communications created the following renowned projects:

The Tutorial Community Project
An integrated program in the public schools whose research effort between 1972 and 1975 developed educational innovations.

“Interregnum (Between the Wars)”
Oscar-nominated film produced in the early sixties, featuring a German artist and social commentator about the rise of Nazi Germany. Winner of the Grand Prize at the Venice International Film Festival in 1963.

“As Science Sees It,” “As Others See Us,” and “The Advance Journal Summary”
The former two newspaper columns were designed for lay readers, while the latter report was intended for scholars in related fields. Both publications served to successfully expand society’s base of scientific information.

“Directory of Environmental Organizations”
For 29 years, from 1972 - 2001, this directory listed over 6,000 organizations throughout the world, active in ecological issues.

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