Ecology Center of Southern California
The Ecology Center of Southern California (“Ecology Center”) was established in 1972 and serves as a regional conservation organization and clearinghouse to a population of over fifteen million. Volunteers provide input into the decision-making process, support for a speaker’s bureau resource, organize special events, and participate in specific issue coalitions and computer networks.

The Ecological Policy Committee responds to action alerts by providing letters, phone calls, emails, and testimonies on different environmental issues, legislative bills, and administrative plans and polices. Organizational policy actions and letters, and other activities by our volunteers are summarized in The Compendium Newsletter.

During the 1970s, the Ecology Center had storefront offices in the Fairfax and West Los Angeles areas of Los Angeles County; at the time, over seven nonprofit organizations shared our facility. In the 1980s, the Ecology Center participated in one of the first computer environmental networks, made possible by a donation of computers by Apple. Furthermore, before city curb-side pickups were offered, the Ecology Center provided referrals for local recycling centers.

The Ecology Center connects with a number of organizations and individuals throughout its years of dedicated activism. A partial listing that depicts a wide variety of our coalition efforts can be found at