Coalition Organizations
California Council for Community Gardening
California Roadside Council, part of the Planning & Conservation League.
Los Angeles Beautiful

Culture, Spiritual and Religious
Protect the Bushman (now known as San) in Botswana and Namibia, Africa
Universal & Diversity Council
Universal Pantheist Society
Various Southern California Native American Indian Tribes

Consumer and Environmental
Earth Day 2000
Global 500 Forum United Nations Environment Programme
International Visitors Council, Los Angeles
Los Angeles and Orange County Chapter of Consumer Education California
Los Angeles City Board of Environmental Quality Commission Advisory Council
United Nations Western Regional Leadership Conference on the Emerging World Economic Order Environmental Workshop

National Organization for Women
Women and Communication

Ecotourism and Travel
Biosphere Expeditions
International Society for Responsible Tourism
Society for Ecotourism in Suriname

California State University Network for Environmental Science Training
Los Angeles County Environmental Merit Award Selection Committee for the Los Angeles Superintendent of Schools

International Collaboration
Participation in the International Wilderness Leadership Conference
Participation in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio Earth Summit)
Participation in the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat Summit)
Social Forum

Land Use
Alaska Wilderness Coalition
Amigos de Bolsa Chica
California Desert Alliance
California Wilderness Coalition
Citizens for Mojave National Park
Creation of Laguna Laurel Park
Establish Mojave National Scenic Area
Establishment of California Coastal Commission
Friends of Ballona Wetlands
Friends of Chino Hills
Friends of Griffith Park
Friends of Newport Bay
Friends of the Dunes
Friends of the San Jacinto Mountains
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and USC National Marine Recreation Committee
Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
Santa Monica Parks and Seashore Foundation
Sierra Club Los Angeles Chapter
Siskiyou Project
Stop the Dam on the Stanislaus River (California)

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
E Magazine
Public Interest Radio and Television Educational Society

Californians for Population Stabilization, Part of the Carrying Capacity Network.
Zero Population Growth (now called Population Connection)

Resource and Energy Conservation
208 Water Quality Citizens Committee for Southern California Association of Governments
Californians Against Waste
Department of Water and Power City of Los Angeles and RAND Rate Structure
Intermittent Ignition Devices for the California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission
International Society for Solar Cookers
National Citizens Coalition on Waste
Source Reduction and Packaging for the California Solid Waste Management Board
South Coast Air Pollution Control District Environmental Committee
State of California Office of Appropriate Technology Energy Grants Program
Stop the San Onfre Nuclear Power Plant

Concerned Bicycle Riders for the Environment

Bat Conservation International
California Trout Unlimited
Campaign to Save the Devils Hole Pupfish (Cyprinodon diabolis) in Death Valley
Cheetah Conservation Fund
Committee for the Preservation of the Tule Elk
Defenders of Wildlife
Friends of Animals
International Society for the Preservation of Tropical Rainforests (Dolphin Corner Research Center in Peruvian Amazon)
Orang Utan Republik Foundation (Indonesia and Malaysia)
Orangutan Foundation International (Indonesia and Malaysia)
Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation

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