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Earth cultures presents the Gypsy folk Ensemble sharing ethnic dances from the Celtic people (Scottish, Irish, and Welsh), Polynesia (Hawaii, Tahiti, and Maouri of New Zealnd), Mexico, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, America, and Romania

ethnic dances, cultures



California's proposed wilderness -- Wild heritage campaign with Byron Kahr and Tina Andolina of the California Wilderness Coalition

California wilderness



On Location Ecotourism Special: The 2002 Eco-Challenge Endurance race in Fiji

Fiji, endurance race



A look at: "Let's restore Jackson State Redwoood Forest" in northern Californa and "Remove the Dam, Restore the River" about the Milltown Dam on the Clark Fork River near Missoula, Montana

Jackson, redwood, dam, restoration, Missoula, Montana



Chevron/Texaco Conservation Award Honorees for the year 2003: Dr. Karen Eckart, Director of Widecast, The Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network; Elizabeth Titus Putnam, Founder, Student Conservation Association; David Livermore, Director of The Nature Conservancy of Utah; Susan Seacrest, President of the Groundwater Foundation; Robert Bateman, Internationally-Renowned Canadian wildlife artist and founder, Robert Bateman National Wildlife Week Writing and Art Contest; Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder of the Cheetah Conservation Fund

Chevron Award, sea turtle, student conservation, Utah, groundwater, wildlife artist, cheetah



A Look At: "Venture into the Outaouasis" and "Gatineau Park" in Quebec, Canada, and a ride on Via Rail's Skeena train from Prince George to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Canada, Quebec, train ride, British Columbia



California's Owen's Valley: restoration issues and photos presented by Michael Prather

Owen's Valley, restoration



Ecotourism On-Location Special: St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands -- tours of St. Croix Archaeological Society's Museum, St. George Village Botanical Gardens, Whim Plantation Museum, Coral World Marine Park and Underwater Observatory, nature walk with Ay-Ay Eco Hikes and Tours, snorkeling at Buck Island National Monument with mile-mark watersports, and kayaking with Caribbean Adventure Tours at Salt River National Park and Ecological Reserve

Virgin Islands, St. Croix, archeological museum, marine park, snorkeling, Buck Island, kayaking



Ecotourism On-Location Special: Explorationof St. Croix, St.Thomas and St. John in the United States Virgin Islands -- activities with Virgin Islands Snuba Excursions, glass blowing at Maho Bay Art Center and Maho Bay Campgrounds, Cruzan Rum Factory, Paul and Jill's Stables, Atlantis Submarine, Dive Carina Bay Resort, St. Croix Safari Tours, Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina, and Havensite Mall Fesival

Virgin Islands, St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, glass blowing, rum factory, submarine, resorts, festival



Ecotourism On-Location Special: Winter adventures in Canada's Quebec city and area -- dogsledding with Aventure Inuksuk, ice climbing with Roc Gyms, cross country skiing with Station Ecotouristique Duchesany, and evening stay at the Ice Hotel Canada

Canada, Quebec City, dogsledding, skiing, Ice Hotel Canada



Saving the Desert Tortoise of The United States' Southwest with Michael Connor, PH.D. of the Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee

desert tortoise



Saving Oregon's Old Growth Ancient Forest from logging

Oregon, forest logging



Building sustainability and transportation programs of the Los Angeles Community College District's nine colleges

Los Angeles, sustainability, transportation, colleges



Ecotourism On-Location Special: St Thomas and St. John in The United States Virgin Islands -- visit to the United States Virgin Islands National Park with John King and Don Neer, historic walk of St. John with Doug Caswell of Key West Tours, and snorkeling with Captain Bob Conn of Motor Yacht Cinnamon Bay

Virgin Islands, St. John, St. Thomas, National Park, snorkeling



Ecotourism On-Location Special: Venezuela with Ecoalianza and Angel-Eco Tours -- Ecotourism conference, historic city tour modern art museum, and Amazon Indian Village and waterfalls

eco-confrenence, art museum, Indian village

2301 28:14 Antarctica as seen by Patrick and Rosemarie Keough throught their award-winning photographic art book

Antarctica, photographic book

2302 28:30 Arctic Quest with Chad Kister, a solo three-month backpack through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Chad Kister, arctic

2303 28:34 Ecotourism On-Location Special: Winter Festival in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada -- night-time parade, daytime carnival, international ice-sculpture contest, city tour of the importaint sites and museums, and other sights and sounds of the historic city

Quebec, Carnival

2304 28:16 Passions and Patience by Karen Roberts and Tim Hauf with photographic presentations of Tim's photo journeys to Patagonia in Argentina and Brazil, Colorado and Seattle in the United States and elsewhere

photography, international travel

2305 28:22 Natural history with Charles D. Kopczak, Ph.D, Curator of Ecolgoy at The California Science Center and his work with Vietnam beatles and Southern California kelp, as well as visits with live Desert Tortoises; IMAX clips for Volcanoes of the Deep Sea, Bugs!, and Coral Reef Adventure

insects, kelp, IMAX clips

2306 28:34 Fiftieth ChevronTexaco Conservation Awards -- Honorees for the year 2004: Dale Harris, Founder, Great Basin Study Group; Dr. Terri Roth, Vice President of Animal Sciences, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens; Lighthawk, an Environmental Air Force; Dr. Shirley McGreal, Chairwoman, International Primate Protection League; Jack Rudloe, Director, and Dr. Anne Rudloe, Managing Director, Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, Environmental Education Center and Aquarium; and Dr. Harry Butler, Australian Conservationist and Host of "In The Wild" televison series

Chevron awards, Great Basin, Cincinnati Zoo, eoc-ariforce, primate, marine lab, Australian wildlife

2307 28:06 Adventures of Riley with Amanda Lumry and Loren Wengerd -- readings and pictures from the Amazon, Africa, and Asia as presented in their award-winning children's series

children's wildlife stories

2308 28:15 Ecotourism On-Location Special -- canopy walk and wolves at the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve in Ontario, Canada

forest, wolves, wildlife preserv

2309 28:01 Paul Loeb sharing stories of optimism from The Impossible Will Take a Little While about passionate people making changes to improve society

inspirational activism

2310 27:49 Bioterrorism as explained by Dr. Daniel Farb including threats from the plague, radiation, botulism, and other viruses and bacteria


2311 28:06 Saving the western monarch butterfly and its habitat -- Shelia Boone describes preservation efforts and shares her "butterflies are free" song

monarch butterfly



Protecting South Africa's cheetah -- Annie Beckhelling shows her footageof cheetahs she is rehabilitating

South Africa, cheetah



Ecotourism on -- Location special: Winnipeg, Canada -- The forks national historic site; Red River outfitter canoe tour; city sites and exchange district; Fort Whyte centre; and folklorama

Canadian history, canoe tour, folk dance

2314 27:40 Dan Stetson and Mike Bursk explain the ocean institute's educational programs -- sea research, watershed campaign, maritime history on tall ship, tidepool life and whale watching

2315 28:28 Ecotourism on -- Location special: Southern Alberta, Canada -- Ann and Sandy Cross conservation area; Calgary Zoo; Num-Ti-Jah Lodge; Columbia Icefield; and Aurum Lodge

Canada, nature center, zoo, ice field, lodges

2316 28:07 Ecotourism on -- Location special: Southern Sasatchewan, Canada -- Regina City tour; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Moose Jaw and Al Capone tunnels; U.S. - Southern Canadian border near Coronach including Sam Kelly Caves and Indian effigies; Royal Sasatchewan Museum; with guests: Daryl Demskoff, Sasatchewan tourism; Claire Belarger-Parker, CNT Connections and Tours; Linda Reakes, Royal Saskatchewan Museum; Tillie Duncan, Coronach Tourism; Wayne Gamble, Tourism Moose Jaw; Rory Windram, Chicago Connection Tours, and Yvette Moor, Yvette Moor Gallery

Canadian history

2401 28:23 “The Animal Guys” with a Siberian lynx, American alligator, African serval, and South American squirrel monkey

lynx, alligator, serval, monkey

2402 28:30 “Tree of Life” exhibit with sixty artists interpreting a tree in paintings and multi-media

tree art

2403 28:30

East Africa, Kenya, Nairobi—Giraffe Center; Karen Blitxen Museum; Serena Hotel and city scenes; and woodcarving at the equator

Kenya, Nairobi, giraffes, Blixen

2404 27:00 Korea, Jeju Island and Seoul—cultural and natural history of the city of Seoul, Jeju Island, and the southeastern mainland

Korea, Seoul, Jeju Island

2405 28:22 Chevron Conservation Award honorees in 2005: Lisa Gadsby
and Peter Jenkins Jr., with pandrillus; Roxane Kremer,
International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical
Rainforest, and Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphin;
Orangutan Foundation International; Programa de Manejo
Sostenible de Ecosistemas; Solar Electric Light Fund; and Dr.
Amanda Vincent, Project Seahorse

Chevron awards, pandrillus, torpical rainforest, Amazonian dolphin, orangutan, solar, seahorse

2406 27:29 China, Urumchi and Turban—features northwest China:
Uyghur people, “in the land of singing and dancing” from
Urumichi to Turnan through the Taklimakan Desert -

Uyghur people, northwest China

2407 28:25 Korea Jeju Island and Seol—cultural and natural wonders of the city of Seoul, Jeju Island, and the southeastern mainland

Korea, Seoul, Jeju Island

2408 27:53

East Africa, Kenya, Mount kenya National Park—Serena Mountain Lodge, water buffalo and animals at water hole

Kenya, African wildlife

2409 28:17 North American Opossum’s Rescue and Care with Joleen Lutz


2410 27:46

South Bay Wildlife Rehabilitation with Christina Jones and Jen Feyder—In studio with birds of prey: hawks, owls, and a merlin

birds of prey, rehabilitation

2411 28:21 Conversation with world-renowned Dr David Suzuki,
Canadian geneticist, environmentalist, broadqaster, and author

David Suzuki

2412 28:17 Tibet, Lhasa—impression of the people and their culture, food, dance, and religion; visits to monasteries, temples, palaces, city shopping areas, a hot spring, and the countryside

Lhasa, Tibet

2413 27:48 Biosphere expeditions with Mathias Hammer and Erin McCloskey: opportunities for volunteers to help on research projects in Asia, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa

international volunteer research

2414 28:35 Canada, Ontario—features James Bay region of northern Ontario: scenic views from Polar Bear Express Train, Polar Bear Habitat (rehab center) and Heritage Village (Cochrane’s hundred-year-old historic buildings, Moose Factory, Moosenee, and Fossil island (early European trading post and first nation history)

Moose Factory,
train, fossils

2415 28:10

Delia and Mark Owens speak about their conservation research for over twenty-five years with the North Luangwa Conservation Project of Zambia, Africa, saving and studying elephants and other wildlife

Delia and Mark Owens, elephants



Jonathan Adams on concept and development of land connectivity

Joanthan Adams, land connectivity



Canada, Yukon--Canada Day Parade, Dawson City, Danoja Zho Culture Center, Jack London Cabin, gold panning contest, Keno area mining, Fort Selkirk, Klondike Goldrush Site

Canada, Yukon, Dawson City, Fort Selkirk, Jack London



Canada, Alberta—Calgary Stampede, Heritage Parks in
Calgary, Elk Island National Park, and nature center in
Edmonton area

Canada, Alberta, Calgary, stampede, Edmonton



Canada, Ontario--features Sault St. Marie area in northern Ontario: Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort, Algoma Central Railway, Algoma’s Water Tower inn’s geocaching, The Canadian Carver and Agawa crafts, Lake Superior Provincial Parks ~hiodiversity and first nation history), "Homeless Bob" folk musician, sea-surfing and kayaking with Naturally Superior Adventures

Canada, Ontario, Sault St. Marie, Lake Superior

2504 28:05 Dams in Southern Africa, India, and Australia with Jacques Leslie, author of Deep Water: The Epic Struggle Over Dams, Displaced People, and tbc Environment


2505 28:25 Canada, Ontario, North Bay—Temagami fire tower and wetlands, canoeing from eco-camp with Sundog Outfitters in Sudbury, North Bay Mattawa Consevation Authority Outdoor Education Center, North Bay Heritage Gardens, Community Waterfront Friend’s Brownfield Conversion Plan, @Discovery North Bay Museum, and Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat Center

Canada, Ontario, North Bay, canoeing, eco-lodge, wetlands, museum



Canada, Ontario, Sudhury—land reclamation from nickel mining: mining museum, restoration forests, and reclamation projects with tree plantings

nickel mining, land reclaimation



Brad Monsma presenting the Sespe Wilderness in the Los Angeles Padres National Forest of Southern California: the history, conservation, resources, and activities along the Sespe Creek; Texas Parks and Wildlife: ghost fishing tips and crab traps; Fort Anahuac Park in Houston, Texas

Sespe Wilderness, ghost fishing, Fort Anahuac



Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay and Webequie—Spruce Shores Lodge with Ojibway cultural activities including berry picking, nature walk, cooking, dancing, and drumming; Fort William Historical Park, Thunder Bay city’s flower garden; and Oumet Canyon Provincial Park

Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay, Webequie, Ojibway, Oument Canyon



Chevron Conservation Awards honorees in 2006, part A: Dr. Pilai Poonswad researching and saving hornbills in Thailand; California Trout working to protect streams and rivers for wildlife in California; lan Kerr of the Ocean Alliance studying marine mammals and state of the ocean on multi-year voyage around the world; and news reports about paddling trail in Texas, tackling illegal fishing by confiscating nets and boats

Chevron awards, hornbill, marine mammals, paddling trail, illegal fishing



Chevron Conservation Awards honorees in 2006, part B: Edward Wytovich restoring polluted waters from mining activities in Eastern U.S.; Wildlife Habitat Council’s William Howard and his collaboration with companies to create places from plants and animals; Jeunesse Park of Food & trees For Africa and her efforts to help South Africans improve their communities; and news reports from Texas about the Project Wild education_program,_Treadwell

Chevron awards, mining pollution, South African, Project Wild



Colorado, Grand County—winter adventures: snowshoeing
and cross-country skiing at Latigo Ranch and at YMCA of The
Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch, Sombrero Stable’s Sleigh Ride;
Governor’s Cross Country Ski Race at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Colorado, Grand County, snowshoeing, skiing, ski race



A look at “Colorful Seasons in China”; the Chinese Embassy’s fIlm provides views throughout the year of the urban and rural life of modern China

China, modern, urban and rural life



East Africa, Kenya—features Buffalo Springs National Reserve:
Samburu traditional village, game drives, Serena Lodge’s crocodile feeding

Samburu, lodge, crocodile feeding



Alaska—features sustainable fishery management: visits to fishing boats and a processing plant in Dutch Harbor and Unalaska in the Aleutian Islands, visits to boats and research facilities on Kodiak Island

Alaska, Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Kodiak Island, fisheries



Alaska—sustainable fisheries and their local communities in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, and Kodiak Island; wildlife viewing in the National Reserve; Native American sites and artifacts; history at the Regional Museum

Alaska, Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Kodiak Island, Native American



Alaska, Anchorage —Portage Glacier, Chugach National Forest;
Alaska Botanical Garden; Russian Orthodox Museum; A Rabbit
Creek Bed and Breakfast; ski resort; Alaska Wildlife
Conservation Center

Alaska, Anchorage, glacier, botanical garden, wildlife center



Utah, Kanab—features Bureau of Land Management’s 2008
Amazing Earthfest: Squaw Trail in Tom’s Canyon, geology
walk; dinosaur tracks, South Fork Indian Canyon pictographs;
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Vermillion Cliffs

Utah, Kanab, Earthfest, geology, cliffs, dinosaur, pictographs



Utah, Kanab—features Bureau of Land Management’s 2008 Amazing Earthfest: bicycle rides, nature walks, art exhibits, music, and more; Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument; Maynard Dixon home and studio; Frontier Movie Town Museum and Saloon; Southwest Wildlife Foundation bird rehabilitation; Pipe Spring National Monument; Paria Outpost; Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians; water and energy talks

Utah, Kanab, Earthfest, art, museums, National Park, Paiute, bird rehab



Utah, Kanab and Northern Arizona—features Bureau of Land Management s 2008 Amazing Earthfest: forest restoration in Kaibab Plateau; 2006 warm fire burn area of the Kaibab National Forest, walk along The Grand Canyon’s north rim; The Drip Falls hike in Kanab

Arizona, Utah, Kanab, Earthfest, fire burn, restoration, Grand Canyon



East Africa, Tanzania—features Lake Manyara: nature walk and plant life at the Serena Lodge; game drive along the lake in
the National Park with elephants, baboons, lions and other wildlife

East Africa, Tanzania, Lake Manyara, Lodge



East Africa, Kenya—Masai Mara National Reserve; game drives to view wildlife; Serena Lodge

East Africa, Kenya, Masai Mara, wildlife



Carpet Recycling: tour of facility in Georgia that makes recycled carpet

carpet recycling



Kunming, China: Visit to historic temples and homes; traditional ethnic dance performances by the local minority tribes

China, Kunming, ethnic dance



A look at the film “Nuclear Weaponsâ

nuclear weapons



Switzerland, St. Moritz and Engadin—tour of ecological hotels, glaciers, biogas facilities, historic sites, and natural areas

Switzerland, St. Moritz, Engadin, biogas



Swizerland, Lucerne—tour of historic towns, Mt. Pilitus and its endangered ibex, food, and more

Switzerland, Lucerne, Mt.
Pititus, ibex



Safe, Non-Toxic Remodeling: walk-through of a home that has been remodeled using non-toxic techniques

non-toxic remodeling



China, Xian, Harbm, and Shanghai—views of historic towns, wetlands, modern developments, and the famous Terra Cotta soldiers

China, Xian,
Harbin, Shanghai, Terra Cotta



West Africa, Burkina Faso—visiting villages that need wells built and have recently built wells with help from American charities

West Africa, Burkina Faso, wells



Nicaragua, Managua and Granada—volcanoes, eco-lodges, and historic towns

Nicaragua, volcanoes



West Africa, Burkina Faso—villages building wells, historic sites, Wildlife Reserve; refugee camp in Ouagadougou; visit to National Park, historic villages, mosque

West Africa, Burkina Faso, wells, Ouagadougou



Electro-Pollution and Wireless Radiation: dangers of cell phones, cordless baby monitors, and wi-fi

wireless radiation



Switzerland, Jungfrau Region, Grindelwald and Wengen—Jungfrau Railways, Jungfrau Peak and Glacier, Ice Palace; climate model, Grindelwald Glacier, Hotel Belvedere

Switzerland Jungfrau, Grindelwald, Wegen, glacier



Switzerland, Laussanne—features the Lake Geneva region: historic city tour, International Olympic Committee’s Museum, Roman ruins, underground metro system

Switzerland, Laussanne, Lake Genveva, Roman ruins, metro system



East Africa, Tanzania—Ngorongoro Crater; Olduvai Gorge; wildlife in volcanic caldera and museum displays of Louis andMary Leakey s early man sites

East Africa, Tanzania, Ngorongoro, volcano



A look at ‘Sacred Duty”, part A: applying Judeo-Christian values to protecting the earth and its animals, and encouraging a vegetarian lifestyle

vegetarianism, Judeo-Christian values



A look at “Sacred Duty”, part B: adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, exposing inhumane practices, and caring for the Earth using Judeo-Christian scriptures

vegetarianism, Judeo-Christian values



A discussion with Les Hamasaki, Martha Arguello, and Titus Levi about the transformation to a sustainable future and a "green economy"

sustainability, green economy



Ann Vilesis on the history of American’s food choices, quality, and production

American food history



A discussion with lnggriani Shapiro, Stacey O’Brien, and Jarri Larsson about the importance of orangutans, owls, and insects for a balanced Earth

orangutans, owls, insects



Interview with playwright Glenn Hopkins; highlights from Mark and Barbara_Frog_and_Mrs._Roosevelt

eco plays



Interview with Tim Palmer, an environmental activist and photographer of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and other ecosystems

photography, Sierra Nevada



Panama, Panama City and Bocas del Toro—cultural and historic city tour, Aeroperlas Regional airline, Bastimentos National Marine Park, boat-side views of mangrove forests, sloths, and dolphins, visit to twelve eco-lodges, rainforest nature walk in Soberania National Park

Panama, Panama City, Bocas del Toro, marine park, eco-lodges, rainforest



Ireland, Dublin, Roundstone, and Gaiway City—historic city views, Dublin Castle, Irish Presidency of the Council to the European Nation ceremony, countryside drive, Kylemore Abbey and Estates, Connemara Marble, Cruachan Ai Heritage Village Centre, Rathcrogan Mound, “The Gathering” 2013 new year event with a concert, fireworks show, and light show, Irish tap step dance performances at the Arlington Hotel

Ireland, Dublin, Roundstone, Gaiway City, castle, marble, ceremony, new years event, tap step dances



Mexico, Baja California, Ensenada--recreational and tourism opportunities, including: wineries, harvest festivals, local cuisine, hotel accommodations; Posada Rey Sol Hotel; Plaza de Toros Guadalupe (bull ring); Riviera del Pacifico; classical and flamenco music and dance performances

Mexico, Baja California, Ensenada, wineries, resorts



Switzerland, Jungfrau Region, Murren and Leysin--senic and aerial mountain and conuntryside views from cable cars and train rides, Murren Stager Transporte (train system). Hotel Eiger, Schilthorn ivew of Swiss Alps, Piz Gloria (revolving restaurant), solar oven cooking

Switzerland, Jungfrau Region, Murren, Leysin cable cars, mountains, Schilthorn



Switzerland, Lake Geneva Region, Montreux and Rivaz--medical cstle Chateau de Chillon, Les Garngette Nature Reserve, bird migration highway, solar boat ride on Lake Geneva Lauvax Vinorama (winery), Marmottes Paradis on Rochers-se-Naye, alpine wildlife

Switzerland, Lake Geneva, Montreux, Rivaz, bird nature reserve



!ndia, Odisha, Bhubaneswar—features a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony with street dancing, !ndian meals, wedding service rituals, and festivities; tour of Buddhist and Hindu historic sites, temples, and villages; tribal dance festival Adivasi Mela

India, Odisha, Bhubansewar, Hindu wedding, tribal dance



India, West Bengal, Kolkata and Odisha, Bhubaneswar— Victorian museums, Mother Theresa’s House, host family
home visit, Bhitarkanika National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary,
Saltwater Crocodile Research and centre, Alipore Zoological
Garden, Kolkata river boat ride and entertainment

India, West Bengal, Kolkata, Odisha, Bubaneswar wildlife snactuaries


Winsconsin, Door County--nature hike i the Rideges Nature Sanctuary

Wisconsin, Door County, ridges, nature hike


Wisconsin, Door County -- Icelandic heritage tour, farm museum, torlley tour, Moravian heritage, cherry farm, fish boil

Wisconsin, Door County, heritage tours


Nevada, Laughlin and Arizona, Bullhead—features the Wings and Wildlife Festival: Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, bird and bat watching, nature hikes along Colorado River; Hoover Dam, Colorado River boat ride

Nevada, Laughlin, Arizona, Bullhead, nature hikes, Hoover Dam

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